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What is Customer Experience Management and why is it important?

What is the difference between CEM and CRM?

Customer Experience Management (CEM) is a system of marketing and retail strategies that focuses on customer experience, engagement, and satisfaction. Often confused with Customer Relationship Management (CRM), CEM is different because it takes it one step above by managing customer relationships with an even more customer-centric and human approach.

CEM is an approach to customer relationships that goes beyond the technologies, apps, and back-end systems that brands are adopting to support the omnichannel consumer. While CRM focuses on the internal processes of a business to manage customer relationships, a successful CEM focuses on connecting and personalizing the customer’s journey and enables an end-to-end frictionless customer experience integrated through any channel at any scale, in real time.

In terms of integration, CRM provides you with quantitative insights by relying on impersonal data analysis and looking at consumers from a statistical and data point of view. It focuses on the operational aspects of the business and improves customer service through different channels such as live chatbots. CEM differs in that it is both a set of technologies and tools where data does not get siloed across channels.

CEM allows you to deliver a true cross-channel customer experience by not only providing quantitative insights, but also qualitative insights that allow you to understand customer needs on a deeper level. The unified data across the full customer journey allows you to meet customers where they are, and access their needs in a timely manner, ensuring a connected and engaging experience.

Why is customer experience management important?

By putting your customers at the center of everything, and having a human approach to customer engagement and technology, you are prioritizing the needs of your customers with rich personalized experiences that increase their satisfaction and loyalty to the brand.

Investing in new customers is between 5 and 25 times more expensive than retaining existing ones. In this hyperconnected and globalized shopping environment, customers are seeking authentic and exclusive experiences that make them feel important and valued, beyond the product and services they receive. A CEM helps you achieve a deeper understanding of customer needs and preferences across all touchpoints and allows more detailed insights to provide personalized experiences that customers want and those drive conversions.

Today’s successful brands know how to cultivate deep and long-lasting relationships with customers through the right customer service, product recommendations, and loyalty programs and incentives.

With BSPK and our global network of sales advisors, you can better engage with your customers and build lifelong relationships and loyalty by delivering real-time, meaningful, and personalized messages across the right touch points at the right time.

To learn more about BSPK and our innovative clienteling platform, schedule a free demo today.

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