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Are you new to clienteling or an expert already?

Here is a collection of valuable resources including articles, tips, and audio clips to enhance your clienteling approach, regardless of the stage you're at. 

Strategies to elevate your clienteling game


The retail landscape is undergoing dynamic changes, creating an environment of uncertainty. We are here to equip your business with valuable tips and tools that can enhance your client relationships, leading to increased revenue and overall success.

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What is clienteling?

Clienteling is a technique used by retail sales associates to establish long-term relationships with key customers based on data about their preferences, behaviors and purchases. Sales associates gather insights about the client and keep notes about their needs, wants and interests.

Isn't Customer Service the same thing as Clienteling?

It's actually not. Both customer service and clienteling identify the needs of the client and deliver a solution. However, customer service is more of a reactive way to address customer issues. Whereas, clienteling is a proactive approach which also seeks to establish meaningful relationships with the customer.


Uncertain time for retail,
clienteling is a sure thing

Brands are seeking to rethink how to re-engage with their clients to maintain their high level of personalized and first-class experience in this modern retail landscape. As our physical and digital worlds continue to blend, consumers are craving authentic and exclusive experiences beyond the products and services they buy more than ever.

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Why clienteling is vital to your business - in stores or online

Unleash the Power of Clienteling 

With a dynamic retail landscape, the necessity of clienteling in sales continues to shape the concept of success, and is quickly becoming the cornerstone of client relationship management. With a focus on empowering both brands and sales associates in delivering exceptional experiences, BSPK allows for both virtual clienteling and in-person interactions and is revolutionizing the way retailers connect with their clients.

Clients are more educated and aware than ever before. Creating genuine relationships is now paramount in retail - sales associates have the opportunity to build up a community that sustains and supports itself. Sales associates who are able to align themselves directly with brands and adjust appropriately to meet client needs will find themselves in the sphere of influence with the ability to convert sales. Clienteling offers sales associates the scope to communicate brand messages in a consistent and engaging fashion, whilst developing a curated journey for each client that highlights the importance of each individual.

“With an entire arsenal of information and influence in the palm of their hands, consumers are now more critical of the brands and products they follow and purchase from”
                                                                 - Pamela Danziger, Forbes

Rewards of clienteling

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Happy customers are essential for the success and growth of retail businesses. They contribute to customer loyalty, repeat purchases, positive word-of-mouth, increased customer lifetime value, reduced churn, competitive advantage, brand reputation, and valuable information.


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Clienteling can significantly contribute to trust and loyalty by providing personalized interactions, a consistent shopping experience, proactive outreach, after-sales support, exclusive benefits, and engagement. By implementing clienteling strategies, retailers and store associates can strengthen relationships with their clients, establish trust, and cultivate long-term loyalty.

Trust and

Happy customers who receive personalized attention are more inclined to recommend the store to friends and family, contributing to the store's reputation and attracting new customers.


Personalization shows that you understand the client and helps foster trust. Tailored recommendations, personalized offers, and attentive service, will create repeat customers. When you cater to individual preferences, needs, and interests, customers are more likely to have a positive shopping experience with your brand, leading to higher satisfaction levels.


By understanding their preferences and providing recommendations, you can keep customers engaged, promote upselling and cross-selling opportunities, and ultimately increase sales.


By leveraging customer information and utilizing technology to personalize interactions, retailers can differentiate themselves and stand out from competitors


When you cater to individual preferences, needs, and interests, customers are more likely to have a positive experience with your brand, leading to higher satisfaction levels with your customer service and engagement.


Clienteling software provides a historical timeline and overview of a client's past interactions, purchases, preferences, and engagement with the retailer. This historical data helps sales associates gain valuable insights into the client's behavior, enabling them to understand their preferences, anticipate their needs, and provide more personalized recommendations.


Customer insights offer benefits for clienteling, including personalized experiences, anticipation of customer needs, improved customer retention and loyalty, increased sales conversion, enhanced customer shopping experiences, targeted marketing campaigns, and opportunities for continuous improvement. By leveraging customer insights effectively, retailers can deepen customer relationships, and stay ahead in a competitive market.


Stages of clienteling


Stage 1

Introduce your client  to the wonderful things about why your brand is unique. 


Stage 2

Capture client details and connect on SMS, Whatsapp, wechat, social media and phone  or video calls


Stage 3

Start to engage with your client to share product information, video links, or other personalized client support services


Stage 4

Stay on top of your client communication to manage sales opportunities, reminders, and tasks.


Proactive selling involves sales associates taking the initiative to engage with customers, anticipate their needs, and provide personalized assistance throughout their shopping journey.

Seize control of your client relationships by empowering your sales team or assigning a dedicated individual to curate, engage, foster loyalty, and drive repeat business. This is the strategy employed by top retailers who prioritize building loyalty and retaining control over the client relationship beyond the initial touchpoint.


The essence of effective clienteling lies in delivering a unified and deeply personalized experience to shoppers both in-store and online. With successful clienteling platforms, sales teams gain effortless access to comprehensive customer insights and information, enabling them to provide unparalleled service.

Proactive selling - the time is now

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Clienteling vs CRM

Are clienteling and CRM the same? How are they different?


Clienteling is a more personalized, relationship-oriented approach that aims to provide exceptional service and tailored experiences to individual customers. The goal of clienteling is to provide exceptional service and create long-term loyalty through personalized attention.


CRM, on the other hand, is a broader strategy and technology-driven approach that focuses on managing customer interactions and data across multiple touchpoints. The focus of CRM is on tracking and organizing customer interactions rather than providing direct, individualized communication


While both approaches aim to enhance customer relationships, they differ in their depth of personalization, scope, and industry focus.

How digital tools can help with your client trust and relationships 

“Transactional selling is a threat to client acquisition and retention” - Martin Shanker, Luxury Daily


Technology, though greatly beneficial in many ways, has installed a sense of detachment within sales. The personal touch that clients crave is often replaced with unsentimental and stilted transactions. 

The key to evolving away from this trend lies in delivering exceptional service that leaves a lasting impact. In today's competitive landscape, it's crucial to go beyond merely selling products and instead focus on building meaningful connections with our clients using a virtual clienteling tool. 


Sales associates who don’t offer personalization in the sales journey risk jeopardizing their client relationships. The rise of ecommerce is augmenting the need for human interaction in the retail process, notably with high end brands that build their image around scarcity and exclusivity. Retailers who accentuate the importance of  connections will benefit considerably more than those who focus on transactions. 



Clienteling tools are not just created to sell, but to build relationships between the clients, sales associates and brand. At BSPK, we believe in helping sales associates build longevity with their clients, transforming the retail journey into a conversation that can be enhanced through various features.


Audio Articles
Bite-size learning in short audio clips


What is clienteling?

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How to get started

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Why clienteling is vital

Retail landscape

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Personal touch

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How to incorporate clienteling

Empowering your sales team

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The proof is in the pudding. Let us engage you with a preview of BSPK and show you how our current clients have increased retention, increased average order value and increased communication. We want to offer you a bespoke experience and find out how we can help your business. 

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Establishing authentic relationships using the BSPK mobile app enables sales associates to remain relevant in the digital era. As the consumer mind-set shifts towards mass media, brands need to harness all channels to retain clients and stay competitive.


BSPK is the top rated clienteling app because of the ease of use and its adoption rate. Experience our visual app experience.

How BSPK can help you


Adoption is crucial for your business

The #1 challenge with clienteling solutions is the adoption by the sales team. Often, various solutions suffer from a poor user experience, complexity, or clunkiness. At BSPK, we have addressed this issue with an impressive adoption rate of 90%. Our tool has been praised by client advisors, who find it as easy to use as posting on Instagram. When developing our solution, we directly gathered feedback from client advisors on the sales floor to ensure it seamlessly engages with clients and offers a simple and intuitive experience.

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Launch date
Adoption %


Adoption Rate

*Disclaimer: This client onboarded their entire team all at once and there was immediate adoption.

Increase your sales

Loyal Customers

Effective relationship management is crucial for establishing and sustaining a loyal consumer base while maximizing customer lifetime value.

Increase AOV

The absence of clienteling often results in inadequate customer service, but by leveraging clienteling technology, sales teams can increase average order value (AOV) and build the trust of the client. 


Trust and personalization are the cornerstone of strong client relationships. Brands need to focus on retention and fostering a genuine connection, but many brands continue to allocate their budget towards promotion or ads in order to secure subsequent purchases, and overlook elements that are equally important.

Ultimately, this removes a significant level of interaction between a brand and a client, and triggers a transactional relationship to develop instead of a personalized one.


Start to increase your AOV by clienteling. The diagram to the right displays how client advisors were more effective when using BSPK. 

Client advisor A snapshot

Increase average order value (AOV) and improve sales conversion rate. Data is from 1 advisor of a BSPK enterprise client with 150+ stores, April 2022-2023 

with BSPK
Client advisor B snapshot

Increase average order value (AOV) and improve sales conversion rate. Data is from 1 advisor of a BSPK enterprise client with 10+ stores, April 2022-2023 

with BSPK


Nina Kartveli-Moore

Bonpoint US, Retail Director

"The support we receive from BSPK for our clienteling solution is true luxury. They are incredibly responsive and attentive to our needs."


Chris Edwards

Oscar Hunt, Founder &


"BSPK allowed us to create the best luxury experience for our clients. The revenue was amazing."


Doug Renteria

Montblanc, Brand Ambassador

"In my experience in luxury retail, I have never seen a clienteling app that is so easy and useful."

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How Bonpoint drives customer sales with BSPK

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