Clienteling for all made easy

Clienteling for all made easy

BSPK is the most advanced platform for sales teams to sell with video, chat and curated experiences to engage, convert and retain customers.

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Human connections elevating customer experiences

Website From your website
Location In your retail locations
Earth For your distant sellers
Man working on a laptop Man working on a laptop

Data-informed user journeys beyond imagination

Use qualitative customer data to create the right experience at the right time for optimal sales conversion.
UP TO 50% upselling rate increase
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Man with coffee Man with coffee

Emotion-based conversions beyond expectations

Guide sales assistants to realize your client engagement strategy.
UP TO 3X prospect conversion
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Shoes and belt Shoes and belt

Loyalty-building curations beyond ambitions

Leverage strategic sales personalization to immerse customers into the brand universe.
UP TO 3X customer retention
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