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Built for brands, empowered by sales advisors

With BSPK, leading brands equip their sales team to humanize their customers' shopping journeys with personalized clienteling to achieve higher sales, better customer satisfaction and increased order value.

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Trusted by the best

Grow your brand with your best sales people

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Prospect conversion

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Thousands of sales professionals use BSPK today

Sell from anywhere  with the power of human touch

Increase sales by 50% 

Customers are shopping in-store and online. Ensure your sales team is meeting and engaging with your customers during every step of their shopping journeys. 


The all-in-one clienteling solution 


Adapt to your business needs

No integration is required to start. Download BSPK today and begin clienteling.

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Drive personalized interactions at your fingertips

BSPK is easy to use for sales teams connecting them to clients via SMS, WhatsApp or WeChat. Create one to one personalized interactions to build loyalty with clients.


Connect the customer experience 

Be with your customers during every step of their journey, from product recommendations to completing a purchase.



Meet your sales goals

Access real-time data and manage your online end-to-end goals from customer interactions to sales performance.

Satisfied customers

We no longer talk about foot traffic. With BSPK, the customer is always connected and we are always present for them, it has transformed our business.”

Glenn Guevarra

Bonpoint US, Retail Director

It was very successful, and in the end, we created a very strong involvement from the sales team to the customer."

Marie-Sabine Leclercq

Bonpoint, CEO

BSPK is essential for the daily work of sales associates to drive sales."

Céline Perrier, 

Joseph Duclos, Retail Manager

Featured in 

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Started by a memorable shopping experience

Our story

A dedicated sales person at a leading fashion brand engaged our Founder and CEO, Zornitza Stefanova as she was returning home to San Francisco. She wondered why it was so rare that sales advisors offer excellent service and personalized attention to their customers. This question, along with decades of experience building user-friendly technology, led to the growth and success of BSPK and the vision of Bespoke Clienteling. 

About Us
Learn why brands, sales professionals, and personal curators love BSPK

With BSPK, our customers are able to achieve incredible results. Watch our customer testimonials to see why BSPK is a match for you. 

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