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At BSPK, we are Changing the Game for Sales Advisors Everywhere

Once solely focused on closing transactions, today’s successful sales advisors are experts in their brand, their industry, and the competition. In the past, sales advisors were trusted as experts in their fields, persuading customers to make purchases. They were at the center of the shopping experience and the face of retail. Without mobile phones and computers, customers had little access to information, and in order to make the right purchase, it had to feel right for them at the moment.

As retail went digital and consumers began shopping online, brands began to adopt in-store clienteling apps, back-end CRM systems, and other new technologies to support the omnichannel customer experience. To adapt to the changing consumer, today’s successful advisors are not only experts in their brands with a high level of product knowledge, but are also strategists and consultants, providing customers with innovative ideas and solutions. They provide customers with opportunities and added value, beyond the products and services they sell to them.

The sales advisor's role has evolved from being a numbers player to being a brand ambassador and consultant, providing maximum value to customers who value a human and authentic approach to shopping.

But the question remained – how can brands successfully leverage their sales associates to adapt to the rise of technology and changing retail landscape?

Today, the connected consumer is now entering stores with more information than the sales advisors and it raises the question of whether sales advisors are needed in-store at all. However, according to a survey conducted by Mindtree, sales advisors are still a very important part of the customer’s journey. Shoppers who interact with a sales advisor are 43% more likely to purchase a product, and their transactions have 81% more value, compared to those who do not interact with an associate. In addition, they are 12% more likely to revisit the store.

“Conventional thinking in the retail industry is that most shoppers want to be left alone and that sales associates too often annoy shoppers by trying to offer assistance. The Mindtree survey paints a surprisingly different picture,” said Sunil Oberoi, Senior Vice President and Head, Retail, CPG, and Manufacturing, at Mindtree. “Shoppers respond positively when they receive helpful guidance from an associate. A timely assistance in-store can lead to an 80% increase in transaction value.”

A key part of a successful omnichannel retail strategy is meeting customers where they are and delivering timely and helpful recommendations that help them feel more confident in making purchases. As brands look to keep pace with the digital and retail evolution, they must begin to leverage their sales advisors to ensure a connected and engaging customer experience.

At BSPK, we want to empower sales advisors and inspire a much more connected and frictionless shopping experience with the customer at the center. We provide sales advisors with the tools they need to be empowered to sell in today’s digital world.

To learn more, contact us today.

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