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Technology Requirements of the Future Store

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Can you imagine a store where customers can see products in their sizing with different styles and color options in stock without ever having to leave the fitting room? Or where sales associates and managers know what product is in stock and what is on the sales floor instantly? And a platform that enables sales associates to learn and engage with customers anywhere and anytime?

Retail technology is optimizing the omnichannel experience, elevating the customer experience, and enabling operational excellence. It also empowers the people on the sales floor, the sales associates, to engage with the customers whether in-store or online.

Today, understanding the needs of the customer is a common challenge for many brands. If you want to deliver a seamless customer experience, brands need to prioritize creating a customer-centric and omnichannel strategy that is focused on fulfilling customer needs wherever they are.

70% of consumers say that they’re likely to purchase exclusively from brands that understand them and their needs. Brands should think about how to serve customers in personalized, relevant ways through all store touchpoints: in-store, mobile, online, checkout, and fulfillment.

Brands that offer a clienteling experience will succeed in the future.

What is Clienteling?

Clienteling is providing a curated and personalized experience to each customer by utilizing analytical data and insights from your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. It is a full omnichannel retail strategy that enables brands and their sales associates to offer personalized shopping experiences.

Sales associates can track their clients' online and in-store browsing and purchases, and make personalized recommendations to each customer based on their shopping preferences and behaviors. Ultimately, the human-to-human, 1-1, interaction is what keeps customers coming back.

The best customer interactions happen when a brand can empower its sales associates on the floor with technology that allows them to be their best. Check out a free demo from BSPK today.

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