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Take Control of your Sales

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

A successful clienteling solution should be designed to provide your sales team with user-friendly and easily accessible tools that enable them to enhance client relationships, deliver exceptional service, and boost sales without compromising on personalization.

The Challenge:

Marketing and sales are an ever-evolving enterprise that necessitates a substantial budget and significant financial risk. Numerous retailers fail to capitalize on clienteling as a means to drive sales and engage with clients. Although it is important to focus on and grow connections with VIP clients, this approach sacrifices an opportunity to turn the average customer into a VIP customer through personalization. Ensuring loyalty from the majority becomes more difficult. Effective relationship management is crucial for establishing and sustaining a loyal consumer base while maximizing lifetime value. The absence of clienteling often results in inadequate customer service, but by leveraging clienteling technology, sales teams can address this challenge on a larger scale.

Trust and personalization are the cornerstone of strong client relationships. Numerous retailers invest time and resources into creating advertisements on platforms such as Amazon, Facebook and Instagram - often succeeding in acquiring an initial purchase from clients. However, instead of focusing on retention and fostering a genuine connection, they continue to allocate their budget towards promotion in order to secure subsequent purchases, and overlook elements that are equally important. Ultimately, this removes a significant level of interaction between a brand and a client, and triggers a transactional relationship to develop instead of a personalized one.

Many CRM programs lack integration, resulting in client data being siloed. This poses a challenge for sales associates aiming to provide a personalized service that clients anticipate.

We wanted to develop a unified system that helped us keep up with the pace at which commerce and customer behavior was changing around. At BSPK, our clienteling platform provides a straightforward and effective solution for sales teams to harness.

The Solution: Seize Control of Your Sales

Seize control of your client relationships by empowering your sales team or assigning a dedicated individual to curate, engage, foster loyalty, and drive repeat business. This is the strategy employed by top retailers who prioritize building loyalty and retaining control over the client relationship beyond the initial touchpoint. The essence of effective clienteling lies in delivering a unified and deeply personalized experience to shoppers both in-store and online. With successful clienteling platforms, sales teams gain effortless access to comprehensive customer insights, enabling them to provide unparalleled service.

BSPK/ Who are we?

BSPK represents an all-encompassing omni-channel clienteling solution that is purposefully crafted to empower sales teams with the necessary tools for effective client engagement. Our mission is to equip sales associates with the means to seamlessly merge the human experience with the digital realm, cultivating lasting relationships with clients, boosting sales, and fostering brand recognition and loyalty.

We are motivated by the pursuit of a thoughtfully curated retail experience that seamlessly integrates personalization—a feature often overlooked in the e-commerce landscape.

Discover the art of personalized experiences, proactive engagement, and genuine connections. Elevate your business today by requesting a demo here!

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