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ROI and Adoption of Clienteling

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In a tumultuous economic climate, it is becoming more important than ever to explore all opportunities that will boost revenue and align your sales with your brand’s business objectives, whilst staying within your budget. It is important to consider what you should be investing in, and what will lead to the highest return of investment (ROI). Clienteling technology is poised to redefine the retail industry from within, and brands that adopt an effective solution will both empower their sales associates and enhance the overall experience for their clients. In 2024, clienteling is invaluable and integrating it into your strategy is paramount to driving growth.

 Before selecting and implementing a clienteling solution, it's essential to take a few factors into consideration. Technology can often address retail challenges effectively, but it is crucial to understand the mechanisms behind it and how to correctly apply these solutions in a dynamic environment. Clienteling platforms have demonstrated their ability to enhance customer engagement and boost sales - one luxury brand saw a 54% increase in clienteling conversion rate within six months by incorporating products into outreach messages. Before diving into adopting a clienteling solution, it's essential for brands and sales teams to consider the below points.

Define Your Goals


To ensure you choose the right clienteling platform, it is key to clearly outline your objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs). Sales teams need to consider what type of in-store experience they aim to deliver, how they want to integrate the solution into their daily practices, and what is the desired outcome that they hope to yield. Establishing KPIs will serve as a benchmark for evaluating the effectiveness of a clienteling strategy. A brand without a clienteling platform typically focuses on sales and foot traffic, which, whilst important, is not always enough to create and maintain long-lasting relationships and drive long-term growth. A robust clienteling tool should provide insights on boosting these metrics, assign responsibilities for specific tasks, and pinpoint areas necessitating follow-up. Platforms like BSPK facilitate tracking store performance and generating insights that detail each location's contribution to your company's profitability. Additionally, we offer valuable data on what products are most popular, the preferred method of client communication and the most effective outreach strategies.


At BSPK, we offer sales teams advanced insights and analytics to measure the effectiveness of their clienteling efforts, and give them markable progress results.

Having access to quality data serves as the foundation for crafting or refining any business strategy. Implementing BSPK empowers your retail teams to make informed, data-driven decisions and allocate resources to areas yielding optimal outcomes. Furthermore, these insights encompass every touchpoint of the customer journey, offering a comprehensive profile of your clients and giving your team a direct and accessible ability to connect and reframe the experience.


Evaluate The ROI


Similar to the investment in and adoption of any technology, it's crucial to assess how an clienteling solution will fit into your existing business operations and contribute to a favorable return on investment (ROI). Unlike the uncertainty surrounding the outcomes of advertising campaigns and other marketing expenditures, efficient retail clienteling applications offer tangible ROI assessments that can be generated at any time. Adopting a tool built by an experienced team with direct involvement in the retail sector can be particularly beneficial in this regard. Finding the right clienteling platform that employs or consults with former retail professionals allows for a deeper understanding of your operational workflows and challenges, and gives you direct access to professionals who understand the inner mechanisms and challenges sales teams face on a daily basis. These experts can effectively communicate your requirements and pain points and advise on the best course of action to take. Moreover, they can identify new opportunities related to clienteling that align with your KPIs and drive success.


BSPK provides retail teams with demos and assessments of your current retail sales procedures, allowing you to pinpoint how a clienteling app can address your specific challenges.


Training and Preparation


Following the implementation of a clienteling solution, your sales team will become pivotal to its success. Empowering your sales associates through the application of a  clienteling tool will witness the increase in effectively enhancing customer experiences. Effectively preparing, and training your teams is crucial to maximizing the results of clienteling. It's crucial to communicate your new strategy and adequately prepare your sales associates for the upcoming changes. Plan and execute training well in advance of the launch to ensure they are proficient with the technology and equipped with new strategies for customer service. By ensuring your associates are well-informed and ready to adapt, you'll enhance app adoption and utilization, thus maximizing the impact of clienteling on your sales and overall business performance.


How Adopting BSPK increases your ROI


A retail clienteling solution will enable your sales teams to prioritize tasks and outreach effectively, essentially allowing the best use of time management, allowing more opportunity to engage with their clients. Sales teams can reach out to customers who have previously purchased in-store through text and email in order to keep up with them, and build relationships that drive the retail journey in a personalized direction. With BSPK, all the messages sent on your brands behalf are in one convenient platform, you can easily track how customer relationships evolve over time. BSPK can also help increase ecommerce sales by giving online shoppers the opportunity to interact with a real person as they browse. By offering one of the key benefits of a physical store (a salesperson) online, you’re likely to see your e-commerce conversion rate skyrocket.


Reallocation of Resources


With the adoption of a clienteling solution, retail brands have the opportunity to reallocate their budget and examine the various constraints they may be facing. As workflow becomes more seamless for sales teams and ROI increases for the brands, it allows an effective outlook on the financial position of the store. This allows them to effectively analyze and recognize spaces for improvement. Whether optimizing inventory management or reducing expenses, refining logistical operations can yield significant benefits. Clienteling solutions like BSPK can be instrumental in achieving these objectives. By acknowledging the popularity of certain products at each store, it aids in better inventory management and prevents overstocking. Essentially, a clienteling tool empowers strategic decision-making regarding inventory ordering and stocking levels, thus maximizing sales while minimizing warehousing costs.


Clienteling Assists in Fostering Brand Devotion


Deploying an effective clienteling tool such as BSPK is paramount for enhancing brand loyalty—a critical objective in transforming first-time visitors into loyal, recurring clientele. The answer lies in the platform's ability to allow sales associates to deliver superior service to your customers in a scalable and replicable manner, across multiple channels. By leveraging the insights provided by the application, your team can ensure that all customers receive personalized and targeted communications that redefine the sales journey whilst not detracting from the human aspect of retail. Personalized messaging encourages customers to engage more frequently, thereby driving sustained sales growth. Considering that consumers exhibit a greater likelihood of becoming loyal customers to businesses offering personalized omnichannel experiences, a clienteling platform serves as an invaluable resource for distinguishing your brand amidst competition in a very difficult market.


Discover your potential ROI with BSPK


Discover how to enhance the sales journey with BSPK, and request a demo today, learning how we can work to enhance your long-term sales performance. At BSPK, our aim is to assist you in harnessing the power of data and technology to enhance revenue generation, elevate customer loyalty, and streamline your operations—all within your budget. Our clienteling platform delivers exceptional value, ensuring optimal returns on your investment and sales teams are empowered to make the right decisions for their clients.


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