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Re-inventing the Modern Retail Experience and Customer Connection: BOF Interview

Updated: Apr 23

Brands are learning how to re-connect with their customers in this post-pandemic world. E-commerce has been capturing a rising share of total retail sales since the pandemic, but brick-and-mortar retail is bouncing back. According to Forrester, 72% of US retail sales will still occur in physical stores in 2024.

The role of the omnichannel retail environment is evolving and consumers are looking for in-store shopping experiences with digital innovations and online experiences that emulate being in-store. Today, consumers expect seamless shopping experiences across all channels and demand convenience and consistency. Interestingly in the US, 81% of Gen Z consumers prefer to shop in stores to discover new products and more than 50% say in-store browsing is a way to disconnect from the digital world.

As a result of changing consumer expectations, retailers need to adapt and offer their customers personalized and meaningful experiences. Our clienteling technology delivers personalized services at scale, allowing brands to transform their customers' shopping journeys cross-channel, and sales advisors to make meaningful connections with their clients anywhere and anytime.

At BSPK, we are on a mission to bring back the human touch in shopping experiences in this complex retail environment. We believe that the sales associates, the eyes and ears on the floor, are the brand's greatest assets to growing sales, customer engagement, and brand loyalty.

Listen to The Business of Fashion interview by Francois-Henri Pinault.

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