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Plug & Play: BSPK is live on Shopify

We are very excited to announce that BSPK is now live on Shopify!

Attracting new clients, increasing conversion rates and growing sales all feature at the forefront of retailer’s objectives. At BSPK, we recognize the importance of clienteling and have designed our platform to assist you in optimizing your sales and providing your team with the tools they need to foster relationships with their clients that encompass a seamless, personalized experience.

This is a significant milestone in our mission to reintegrate the human experience in the digital world. With the use of our clienteling app, Shopify store owners are able to analyze their sales and performance metrics across various channels and platforms, and identify real growth opportunities for their store. The app is outlined to elevate the sales experience - we want to help you give your clients the support they need to make a purchase. BSPK adds a competitive edge to your sales team - we can help leverage your products on Shopify, provide you with informative data insights and allow your associates to curate communication and products to each individual client.

Our aim is to build relationships and create experiences in the retail world, transforming the future of client engagement. We believe empowering sales associates lies at the center of converting sales and building a substantial client base. Our clienteling platform is specifically designed with this in mind - we want to help shift the emphasis on purchasing towards creating memories, lifestyles and experiences that drive retention, sales and loyalty in clients.

BSPK Shopify app: How it works

Our platform is fully integrated on Shopify, equipping your team with access to:

  • Personalized analytics: A unified and cohesive format for all your clients data in one place that provides a singular view of each client. A client profile will provide sales associates with easy access to their clients interests, previous purchases and store history so that they are better equipped to make recommendations and personalize the experience.

BSPK Shopify app: enrich client data

  • Effective engagement and integration: Integrating digital and physical touch points across multiple channels is an essential part of our clienteling services. Sales associates can use our platform to contact their clients via SMS, WhatsApp or WeChat, and brands can access our tool from Shopify. This enables your sales associates to have a greater reach and is a convenient option for clients, alongside building a personalized rapport that centers on the client’s retail journey.

BSPK Shopify app: sell visually to your clients

  • Plug and Play: Effective clienteling applications should be easily accessible to sales associates - BSPK is designed with intuitive user experience at our core. Our app is advanced but easy to use, allowing sales associates to provide the best service anytime, anyplace

BSPK Shopify app: organize clients

  • Seamless communication: Anticipating the needs of your client helps develop a connection and creates a feeling of unparalleled service. At BSPK, we believe that relationships are fundamental to success. We want to help you develop personalized experiences for each client, because value is created in understanding and recognizing each individual. With our tool, sales associates can examine purchase history, and build custom preferences for their clients preemptively, and develop new opportunities to upsell and cross-sell.

BSPK Shopify app: view sales and engagement info

Install the BSPK Shopify app and enjoy a 30-day free trial.

  1. Install the app

  2. Choose a plan

  3. Sync your Shopify collection

  4. Create your BSPK users & download the BSPK iOS app

  5. Sync your customers & orders

  6. Start engaging your customers with visual ideas and your branded logo


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