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Tips, best practices & quick assets

Welcome to the BSPK success portal. Thank you for visiting and we are happy to have you onboard.

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Short clips highlighting app features

BSPK basics


Common FAQ's

How do I add a new clients from my phone contacts?

Tap the Profile icon in the upper left corner of the Home screen to go to your profile. Then scroll down and select "Add clients from contacts".

My Profile screen of the BSPK Clienteling mobile iOS app
How to create a new client profile on the BSPK Clienteling mobile iOS app

How do I add a new client?

Tap the plus button on your home screen and tap Client Profile. Add the client's name and contact information and save. You can also add clients from your phones contacts through the My Profile screen.

How do I message a client?

Tap Chat at the bottom of the screen and then tap the chat icon in the upper right. If you are in a client profile, you will see that chat icon.

How to message a client on the BSPK Clienteling mobile iOS app
How to create a Slice on the BSPK Clienteling mobile iOS app

What is a slice and how do I create one?

A slice is a selection of up to 10 images and videos that can be reused and sent to multiple clients. It is created on the slices tab and can be a collage, media feed or video.

How do I enrich a client profile?

Tap the Client icon and swipe to the info tab. You can edit a client's basic information and also tag the client with their interests and preferences.

How to add information to a Client Profile in the BSPK Clienteling mobile iOS app
Create Client Lists to organize clients on the Home screen of the BSPK Clienteling mobile iOS app

What are the lists on my Home screen?

Home lists are a way to organize your clients. For example - the Reminders list shows you any client with a Reminder. 

You can create custom lists by tapping the plus icon in the upper right corner and selecting from a number of criteria

What is the Ideabook?

The ideabook is where the client can enjoy the selections you message them about. When you send a message with images or slices to your client, they can tap a link that opens these ideas and suggestions in a simple browser page. From there, the client can browse and offer you feedback.

How to create an Ideabook post on the BSPK Clienteling mobile iOS application
Success Tips


Jeff Ellis, our VP of Business Development, Americas has worked with some of the top luxury brands from around the world.


Below, he gives us some sales tips on how to be successful while clienteling with BSPK. 



Our data shows that a simple follow up after an initial purchase can help you turn new clients into VIP clients.

How to start engaging new clients:

  • Create a list of one-time purchasers

  • Create a message template in My Templates on the My Profile screen quickly send messages

  • Reach out and start a conversation

  • Stick to a daily goal and keep track of your progress in the Contacted Today list on your Home screen 

  • Get to know you clients and enrich their profiles to provide personalized service



Keep your clients constantly engaged by communicating with them regularly through the BSPK app.

  • Utilize the Ideabook feature to create visual selections to send to clients

  • BSPK will send you notifications when a client responds to or provides feedback on the Ideabook

  • Personalized care and attention after a sale helps build trust

Questions to help build trust

  • What are your hobbies/interests?

  • What is your partner/pet/child's name?

  • Where do you like to travel?



How to make things visual for clients.

  • The Ideabook plays a key role in making shopping interactive 

  • Video and images are key drivers to create emotional engagement 

  • Create slices and share phone or collection images with your clients



Using features like the Ideabook, tell a story about your products to spark emotional interest.

Storytelling examples:

  1. Fragrance brand: Share images of the flowers and spices used to create high-end perfumes.

  2. Leather bags: Share a video of the craftsman ship that goes behind creating your one of a kind products. 

  3. Jewelry: Lifestyle imagery can inspire and help the client picture themselves in your products.



A personal and memorable experience will keep customers coming back.


Use BSPK to curate invitations for special events.

  • Use Slice's to share event information with your team members and clients

  • Send invitations to customers via SMS 

  • Post curated images to clients Ideabook's to get them excited about the event

  • Use special events to help strengthen relationships with your VIP's



1. Check insights screen for team performance

Were the prior day's goals met?

Share success stories during your morning meeting

2. Set clienteling goals for the day or week

Example: Create and assign lists for an outreach campaign

Example: Assign a minimum number of clients for each sales associate to contact per day

Example: Set a daily, weekly & monthly dollar amount that each sales associate should aim to sell as a result of their clienteling efforts.

3. Confirm clienteling goals with the team and set 30 minutes a day dedicated to clienteling

4. Prepare slices for the team

Sales associates

1. Dedicate at least 30 minutes a day to clienteling

2. Check your insights screen for engagement and sales activity

3. Work through a daily clienteling task

  • Reach out to unengaged clients

  • Send out birthday messages

  • Browse client's wishlist and recommend similar products

  • Browse client's purchase history to recommend products

  • Send follow up message to recent purchasers

  • Reconnect with lapsed clients or top clients from the last year

4. Create new client profiles while working the floor


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