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How Bonpoint Drives Customer Sales with BSPK

Learn how the luxury French childrenswear brand increases their sales by +50% through clienteling with BSPK.

About Bonpoint 

Established in 1975 by Marie-France and Bernard Cohen, Bonpoint has brought French elegance to its unique collection of luxury childrenswear and baby gifts. The luxury French childrenswear brand has remained faithful to its exceptional savoir-faire and core values, representing 40 years of high-quality craftsmanship. 

Bonpoint is symbolized by two little cherries, which are a notion to the founders’ home set among the cherry trees in Aix en Provence. 

Bonpoint's iconic cherry logo

Today, the French fashion house maintains its sophisticated and chic reputation with unique, high-quality tailored childrenswear. With its sweet and iconic “Bonpoint Cherry” logo, Bonpoint childrenswear embodies pure French elegance with both traditional and modern values. 

“For many of our customers, Bonpoint represents a cherished childhood memory that they want to pass on to their children,” affirms Christine Innamorato, formerly Art & Creative Director at Bonpoint. 

Bonpoint Sucess with BSPK 

In an interview with the CEO of Bonpoint, we spoke with Marie-Sabine Leclercq to learn more about Bonpoint’s elevated clienteling with BSPK. 

BSPK, A Motivation Tool for Sales Associates 

“It was very successful, and in the end, we created a very strong involvement from the sales team to the customer. So it is also a human resource, a motivation tool, and that’s why we talk a lot to the human resources team in order to connect with the sales team and to help them understand that they are totally involved in the process,” says Leclercq.

After an incredibly successful pilot in their store in New York, our advanced clienteling solution was extended to all of their US stores in one year. In less than one week of its usage, BSPK helped Bonpoint double their sales by +50%.  

Bonpoint turned to BSPK for a human-centric approach to elevating the customer experience by leveraging their salespeople and equipping them with the right tools to nurture personal and empathetic customer relationships. 

“Our inspiration was to create a connection between the sales advisor and the client in a way that created emotions that were not focused on the technology and the sort of robotic mode of interactions that is a lot of retail,”  says Zornitza Stefanova, CEO of BSPK. 

Driving Strong Customer Relationships

In our modern retail environment, there is a tendency to push a lot of email marketing, automated SMS messages, and chatbot interactions to reach customers. These types of experiences are not very conducive to creating the emotional connections needed to drive strong customer relationships. 

“We no longer talk about foot traffic, because foot traffic is no longer a consideration in our relationship with the client,” says Leclercq. 

Leveraging salespeople to create and define the customer’s experience, is putting them at the focal point of the customer’s experience, as the only human driver, in all of these technology channels. 

At BSPK, we believe that extraordinary customer experiences start with the people on the sales floor. To learn more about how to foster great customer relationships, schedule a free demo today and start connecting with your customers. 


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