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How Joseph Duclos and BSPK became the Perfect Duo

BSPK turned to Joseph Duclos for a human-centric approach to connecting with their customers in a way they never could before.

About Joseph Duclos

Established in 1754, the Heritage French luxury brand Joseph Duclos uses natural tanning methods to create leather goods of unparalleled quality and expertise.

Joseph Duclos, a merchant from Toulouse, operated in pre-handbag times and obtained royal warrants from French King Louis XV for his exceptional and high-quality leathers. King Louis XV signed the Letters Patent in Versailles that would lead to the creation of The Royal Manufacture. Joseph Duclos, along with the best craftsman in France, furnished French royalty with the finest leathers.

Today, leading the design of Heritage French luxury brand Joseph Duclos is Ramesh Nair. In an exclusive interview with Nair, they defined a mission to preserve rare materials, knowledge, and craft skills in France, while focusing on creating exclusive, artisanal products with an authentic back story.

“The craftsmanship is part of the creativity and that’s something we need to fight for,” said Nair, noting that each Joseph Duclos bag will be numbered and bear the name of the artisan who made it. “We’re doing bags that will last for generations.”

Joseph Duclos’s Success with BSPK

BSPK spoke with Celine Perrier, the retail sales manager at the Joseph Duclos store based in Paris to learn more about clienteling with BSPK.

The Key is Personalization

“BSPK is essential for the daily work of sales associates to drive sales. For me, it is fundamental to create lists of my clients because it helps me remember older details about them, so I can provide better follow-up,” says Céline Perrier.

Céline Perrier, Retail Sales Manager at Joseph Duclos

Prior to BSPK, Joseph Duclos did not have a clienteling platform in place that recognized the importance of providing a connected customer experience focused on personalization and emotional customer engagement.

Joseph Duclos turned to BSPK for a human-centric approach to elevating the customer experience and with their innovative clienteling solution, their sales advisors are more empowered and motivated to sell. They can connect with customers anytime and anywhere and in this modern retail landscape, it is important to meet customers where they are. With BSPK, the sales advisors can focus on creating loyal one-to-one relationships with customers who value exclusive experiences that feel authentic and trustworthy.

Equipped with an easy-to-use clienteling solution, Joseph Duclos’s sales advisors can understand their clients on a deeper level. They have access to features such as lookbooks, sales metrics, and in-depth client profiles, which help them create more personalized and elevated customer experiences. In contrast to impersonal and mass marketing messages that are disruptive to the customer's journey, each and every interaction with the client is always heart-felt and with the right intention.

“With BSPK, I was able to develop really close relationships with my clients. It helps me remember personal details about my clients, and I am able to send them offers that I know they will be interested in. I feel like I am friends with my clients, and I know when they need certain things for their special occasions because they will reach out to me as well," says Perrier.
clienteling platform
Joseph Duclos's sales associates can view detailed client profiles, with information on sizing, preferences, and other lifestyle data across different products and brands.
clienteling platform
Direct messaging, live video, and appointment bookings are at their fingertips so they can easily engage with their clients.
clienteling platform
Equipped with sales and productivity metrics, Joseph Duclos's sales advisors can understand their clients on a deeper level.

Empowering Sales Advisors to create Engaging Experiences

Since using BSPK, Joseph Duclos’s sales advisors have been able to create more personal and engaging customer experiences with their clients that are tailored to their needs.

“I love using BSPK, because without it, I wouldn't be able to remember all of my clients’ information, needs, and wants… BSPK helps me track all of that, and I can focus my energy on getting to know my clients more than just what they want to purchase that day,” says Perrier.

With BSPK, Joseph Duclos's sales advisors can focus on what they do best, be their best selves to represent their brand story, and be motivated to sell. They are more excited to connect with customers and they can create loyal one-to-one customer relationships because they are empowered with the right tools to sell in this modern retail landscape.

The result is a nurturing of trustworthy and empathetic customer relationships that are loyal to the sales people, beyond just the brand, and its products and services.

In today’s retail environment where it is very challenging to reach the demanding needs of the customers, brands needs to interact with their customers with the right intentions. In many cases, customers value the experience the brand provides as important as its products and services.

We believe that extraordinary customer experiences start with the people on the sales floor. To learn more about how to foster great customer relationships, schedule a free demo today and start connecting with your customers.


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