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Technology as a tool: Effective clienteling platforms, and how they function

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

According to research undertaken by Bain & Co., a 5% increase in customer retention can increase a company's profitability by 75%. Once brand loyalty is established, maintaining a relationship with the client becomes significantly easier for retailers. Brands that are cognizant of the importance of establishing a relationship with their clients will understand the parallels between providing excellent customer service and investing in effective clienteling tools.

Clienteling technology, designed to promote customer satisfaction through the personalization of the shopping journey, should transform the services provided by the sales associates. The foundation of clienteling technology is built upon data, which assembles information based on personal interests, purchase history and customer intelligence. The aim, ultimately, is to amplify value for the client. Investing in the right technology can ensure that retailer's are able to focus on building relationships and retaining long-term clients.

"It acts as a centralized resource to build a 360-degree view of individual shoppers" - Luke Kline, High Touch

The benefits of clienteling platforms range widely. An effective application should streamline data that may previously have been difficult to collect and keep across one channel. Products, inventories and client information may all be stored in the same place, with data insights just a click (or tap) away. Detailed product information that ranges from pricing and promotions to reviews should be on-hand to provide sales associates the means to increase cross-selling opportunities. Clienteling gives sales associates the power to establish a rapport with clients, yielding a more direct service that can be administered via multiple channels. Active communication with clients encourages guided selling.

BSPK's clienteling mobile app

Sales associates are able to drive engagement through the use of clienteling. Client information is easily accessible, and having this information on hand encourages a positive impression for the client and allows the sales associate the position to be part of the retail journey at multiple stages. The associate can produce wish lists, purchase history, outstanding orders and reward schemes all at the clients behest.

It is important to understand what elements of clienteling tools make them useful. We've compiled a list of our favorite functions of clienteling tools that every sales associate should have access to:

  • Integrated data insights: A unified and cohesive format for all your clients data in one place that provides a singular view of each client. This allows sales associates to recognize their clients needs and curate an experience based around past history.

  • Multi-channel engagement: Integrating digital and physical touch points across multiple channels is an essential part of clienteling services. This enables sales associates to have a greater reach and is a convenient option for clients.

  • Accessible user experience: Effective clienteling applications should be easily accessible to sales associates without the need for excessive training or convoluted processes. A tool that is advanced but easy to use means that sales associates can provide the best service anytime, anyplace.

  • Manageable integration: Providing excellent customer service aligns with all other aspects of retail business. A good clienteling platform does not compromise on other aspects of the business, but allows sales associates to integrate personalization into current systems and processes.

Notable client experiences can be enhanced through the use of effective clienteling platforms. The aim of these platforms should be to provide sales associates with the tools to craft a value-driven journey, tailored to the individual. Through empowering sales associates with the appropriate technology, brands will yield results that are success driven. Effective clienteling technology should be designed to help sales associates keep their clients engaged, inquisitive and confident in the brand.

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