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Right message, right time, right channel

Collecting data and transforming it into customer insights is only the initial step in clienteling. The ability to harness client intelligence as a tool to create an exceptional journey is what sets apart brands who effectively embrace their care and attention towards their clients. Clienteling can be time sensitive - particularly in the early stages of communication. The first step is focusing on curating a personalized journey that creates a treasured relationship between a sales associate and client.

Being able to easily access your clients and their information is essential to being able to quickly understand, and meet their needs. Client outreach can be scaled effectively with the right clienteling solution, and allows sales associates to expand their audience and provide a more intimate, direct message to each client.

Having a script or pre-automated message that can be adjusted on a client-by-client basis allows associates to maximize their client engagement. An omni-channel approach to communication allows sales associates the opportunity to tailor their communication to their client's preferences, and retain that information for future use. This enables a relationship to be fostered between the client and sales associate, that is not limited to the transaction. Omni-channel communication acts as a thread between personalization and technology, and is critical in adding a human element to brand-client communications.

Frequency, and understanding its importance, is also vital to keeping your clients satisfied. Ensuring that all communication is focused, relevant and curated means that clients don't feel overwhelmed by generic and irrelevant messages. Recognizing what you clients values, and making your message relevant is key to adding genuine engagement to the service. Sales associates need to ensure that they communicate with the clients using messaging they want, when they want it, and via the platform they wish to use. Technology has helped give both sales associates and their clients a voice - it is important to respond accordingly. Each message should align with the client's expectations and gauge their interests.

"Messaging combines the scale of technology and the personal touch of face-to-face communication. Those two elements together make a very unique platform for business-to-consumer engagement" - Max Sharafi

The initial step is driving discovery and awareness, and creating discourse that can grow into a relationship. It is here that lifetime value is established. It is vital to recognize that a client's shopping journey actually crosses multiple touch points and channels.

At BSPK, we ensure seamless brand experiences for clients by guiding sales associates to understand and align the clients views and the brands. We empower teams to ensure a seamless journey across all touch points, creating personalized relationships across multiple channels.

Download BSPK and redefine the client experience today.

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