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Is your CRM System really working?

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

A customer recently purchased a bag. Everything went well, and as usual, the customer was very pleased with the experience. The customer is normally satisfied and happy with this brand, and she stayed with the brand because of the enjoyable shopping experience.

Then came a phone call.

“How did we do?” they asked.

“Great,” the customer replied, which was expected.

“Please rate your experience on a scale of 1-10.”

“Eight”, the customer replied. She was satisfied but was not amazed by the experience.

“What could we do to get a 10?”

She ended the call. Now, the customer was annoyed.

Then the email came, and then a text. Then a follow-up call from a third party.

The customer’s satisfaction was noticeably dropping even when the initial interaction was perfectly fine.

Despite the opportunities Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems can bring, they can also bring some challenges. In many cases, trying too hard to “improve” the customer experience can have the opposite effect. The transaction was a relatively simple one, and the customer’s expectations had already been met.

Brands need to think carefully about how to engage with their customers. Not all shopping experiences are of equal importance and require a ton of feedback.

Still, there are many prevalent challenges in today’s retail environment such as lack of personalization, lack of transparency, and lack of data. These challenges show that there is still a gap in customer desires and expectations and what brands are delivering in terms of personalization in the customer’s experience.

Today, customers are inundated with too much information: chatbots, SMS texts, email, etc. making it very challenging for them to trust and stay with the brand.

In an age of digital transformation, how can brands craft a seamless customer experience that is personalized and engages the customer?

Find out how BSPK can help you track the right customer behavior and details, and make customer experience a top priority.

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