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Empower Your Sales Advisors, your Customers want to Hear Them

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Brands are being challenged to re-think how to engage with their customers in today’s retail environment. Customers are increasingly raising their expectations for round-the-clock service and assistance in all areas of their shopping experience.

Source: Louis Vuitton

To meet the modern consumer's expectations, brands are adopting new and innovative technologies to help them understand their customers on a deeper level, and interact with them whenever and wherever they are. CRM technologies, clienteling platforms, AI/VR, and other emerging technologies are changing the retail landscape everywhere, and customers have new opportunities to interact with their favorite brands in ways that were not possible before.

Despite brands adopting new technologies and trying to meet demands, there still exists a gap between what customers expect and what brands deliver in their customer experience. 54% of customers say brands need to transform how they engage with them.

Each customer is unique and it is important to engage with customers like the individuals they are. Brands need to interact and connect with customers across all touch-points in their journey that is instilled in transparent and honest values. Focusing on these key principles can help brands develop valuable one-to-one customer relationships.

It is important to think of strategies that deliver connected experiences that drive loyalty for customers. As our physical and digital worlds continue to blend, brands need to meet customers where they are and re-think their strategies as empathetic customer experiences.

Customers need to feel that their interactions are personalized with the right information and intention. In many cases, customers are inundated with too much information that is irrelevant to their needs. 52% of customers say companies are generally impersonal.

How can brands create extraordinary customer experiences that lead to loyal one-to-one customer relationships?

We believe that extraordinary customer experiences start with the people on the sales floor. Once solely focused on closing transactions, sales associates are tracking customer satisfaction and engagement more than any other metric. They can recognize empathy, trust, and other emotional insights that technologies are not able to detect.

By equipping your salespeople with the right tools to succeed in today’s retail landscape, your sales team will be empowered to build personal customer relationships that are trustworthy and loyal. They are often the customer’s first point of contact with the brand, so it is important to connect with their experiences and empower them to be their best selves.

Schedule a free demo today to learn how to foster great customer relationships with our innovative clienteling platform that improves processes for salespeople.

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