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Creating a sphere of influence

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Autonomy, flexibility, and the opportunity to leverage connections to their advantage are key facets that clienteling platforms provide sales associates wishing to make an impact in the industry. It is essential for any sales team seeking to propel sales, drive lifetime value and build and develop loyalty and relationships with clients. Accessible across all channels, it is imperative that sales associates leverage the power of clienteling tools to provide innovative and engaging solutions to the market.

While technology shapes the foundation of clienteling, it is the humans behind it that define its potential. The ability to create personalized shopping journeys for clients connects the value products with the value of the human experience — building long term loyalty. Sales associates can harness clienteling as a tool to market, publicize and sell, all whilst building relationships with their clients that are focused on generating value for all involved. Adoption rates at BSPK are 90%, outlining the importance of clienteling technology in boosting sales and generating leads.

Clients are more educated and aware than ever before. Creating genuine relationships is now paramount in retail - sales associates have the opportunity to build up a community that sustains and supports itself. Sales associates who are able to align themselves directly with brands and adjust appropriately to meet client needs will find themselves in the sphere of influence with the ability to convert sales. Clienteling offers sales associates the scope to communicate brand messages in a consistent and engaging fashion, whilst developing a curated journey for each client that highlights the importance of each individual.

“With an entire arsenal of information and influence in the palm of their hands, consumers are now more critical of the brands and products they follow and purchase from” - Pamela Danziger, Forbes

Indeed, personalization lies at the center of building successful and long-lasting relationships with clients. Sales associates play a pivotal role in influencing brand perception, and can build momentum with client engagement by taking the time to communicate and actively understand their clients wants and needs. Clienteling solutions provide an incomparable resource to sales associates looking to increase their influence in a simple yet successful way. Sales teams who are proactive in their approach to conversion can gain autonomy through data insights, client profiles and multi-channel communications.

At BSPK, we recognize how vital it is to build engagement and loyalty with clients. Outreach is essential, be it through curating relevant product choices for clients, recommending products that meet their needs or remembering birthdays. Our clienteling platform prompts sales associates to take charge of their position and redefine the future of retail.

The role of the sales associate is changing – and we’re here for it. Request a demo today, or find us on Shopify!

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