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Creating a meaningful retail experience: The answer lies in the details

Clients view brands as more than just the products they sell. Connection, feeling appreciated and a personalized experience all contribute to a positive retail journey, highlighting that it is not just the purchase, but the interaction that matters. Some memorable client experiences revolve around feelings of surprise, happiness and empathy. A positive sales experience is essential for a brand's success, as it helps build and promote a loyal clientele and contributes significantly to brand reputation.

In today's digital marketplace, meeting expectations is a given for most retailers. Exceeding them, on the other hand, can prove difficult. Remembering small details that are significant to your client creates a sentiment of specialty, and further eliminates the transactional nature of the sale. Providing innovative solutions to any challenges they may come across and turning them into opportunities establishes a dialogue that they can trust and return to.

Positive brand association comes through active communication. A consistent and engaging stream of communication encourages your clients to divulge more information regarding what appeals to them. In the realm of e-commerce, we have witnessed a shift towards self service and automation. Adding emotion and a human touch into the buying journey adds value for the client. It is much easier for sales associates to anticipate their clients needs if they are up to date with their interests, recent purchases, likes and dislikes. Open communication means that a sense of trust can be established, and the client feels comfortable to provide feedback. A follow up conversation to see how the product was received also ensures the relationship extends beyond the purchase. Direct responses can build long term confidence in both the sales associate and the brand, ultimately exceeding expectations.

Having all the client information in one place allows for a unified and simple process for the sales advisor, and streamlines data insights for future interactions. Empowered sales advisors should be able to utilize this to their advantage, delivering a personalized sales experience that stands out to their clients. Continuous investment in staff training, and the tools that help boost engagement can give your team the opportunity to generate new leads and start fresh conversations.

"Attentiveness and recognition cost nothing, nor do personalization and consideration". - Sydney Barrows, Entrepreneur

Personalization across all channels underpins a memorable retail experience. When a sales associate goes out of their way to tailor the experience uniquely to the client, it not only adds value but also incentivizes the client to return. Each purchase is no longer a transaction, but a memorable interaction created to be treasured. Relationship building and sales do not have to be mutually exclusive.

Meaningful and memorable experiences influence the way clients perceive a brand. Small details are easily overlooked within e-commerce, and are rendered by many as being insignificant in the sale process. But adding small, personalized touches creates considerably more value for clients, and demand for the brands.

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