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Comprehensive Clienteling

Clienteling began as an in-store feature developed to enhance the customer shopping journey. Digitalization has since witnessed it transform into a strategy that can be employed by a variety of businesses who hope to augment their clients' experience. It is clear that now, more than ever, providing a seamless and convenient service is paramount to creating a successful brand image. Businesses wishing to consolidate the retail experience need to provide a clienteling service across all channels, allowing flexibility for both their sales associates and clients.

Keep reading to discover the benefits of clienteling for your business, and tips on how to integrate it into your strategy:

Benefits to Clienteling

Clienteling platforms give brands and sales associates the capacity to revolutionize the sales experience and generate countless opportunities, redefining customer service. Sales associates who leverage clienteling tools will be empowered to deliver authentic experiences before, during and after the sale. Digital clienteling platforms rely on data to better shape the retail journey, thus sales associates can take a more proactive approach when creating a personalized experience.

Build a community: Creating relationships between clients and sales associates is central to building brand awareness. If consumers feel a direct and personal connection to the brand, they are more likely to purchase and provide positive feedback.

Clienteling promotes meaningful relationships with each client, fostering an environment where clients feel comfortable seeking advice, making more purchases and proceeding with future sales.

The digital nature of most clienteling platforms means it is easier for sales associates to increase their client base whilst still being reachable and connected.

Upselling opportunities can be created once a dialogue is established between sales associates and clients. Once consumer preferences are established, sales associates can make informed recommendations and offer tailored products that will meet their clients needs.

Tips for Clienteling

  1. Targeted and compatible client outreach: Gaining a deeper insight into your clients preferences is invaluable, and allows associates to confidently approach their sales with knowledge.

  2. Provide an exceptional experience: It is fundamental to create a personalized, unforgettable sales experience for your clients. Devising a narrative around the product and adjusting it to your clients preferences through various platforms generates a curated and valued experience. The client engagement strategy encompasses creating a meaningful dialogue between sales associates and clients, thus gaining valuable insight into your clients behavior and giving brands the option to predict consumer behavior.

Relevant and timely follow ups are pertinent to developing a good relationship between sales associates and clients. A key part of delivering excellent customer service is anticipating clients' needs. Retailers need to harness the power of clienteling tools to communicate throughout the different stages of the sales journey, whether it is to understand client satisfaction regarding a product, inform them of an offer, or celebrate a personal aspect of their life. Following up after the point of purchase creates a meaningful transaction that shifts the notion of sales.

Monitoring and measuring throughout the entire cycle for continuous improvement. Sales associates should be able to harness clienteling tools to build and gather reliable histories that reflect their clients wants and needs. Data insights record purchase history, interactions and consumer behavior that all accumulate to help build the overall picture for sales associates and help them comprehend trends and patterns, thus allowing them to provide a better service.

BSPK’s clienteling tool uses omnichannel insights and the power of human connection to create a standout client experience that maximizes associate productivity and consistency.

Request a demo today and learn more about how clienteling can revolutionize your sales.


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