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Are Chatbots the Answer to your Customer Service Problems?

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

With an increasing emphasis on customer experience, brands are prioritizing customer-centric strategies that focus on creating positive experiences for customers. Consumers are demanding round-the-clock service for assistance in all areas. Because of this, chatbots are increasing in popularity and according to Salesforce, 23% of customer service organizations are already using AI chatbots in some form.

Yet, despite trying to meet customers' needs, 54% of customers say brands need to transform how they engage with them. There is still a huge gap between existing technologies and customer expectations.

Customers are expected to be treated as people rather than general personas and like with friendships, customer relationships form when they feel understood and their needs are met and appreciated.

If a friend ignores a call, text, or email, it probably does not mean well for the overall friendship. The same dynamic is true for today’s customers who live in an always-on, digital world where there is always an answer just a tap away. When the customer feels like their needs are not being met, after multiple interactions, relationships weaken and they will no longer consider your brand.

Each customer is unique and it is important to engage with customers like the individuals they are. As a brand, It is important to engage and interact with customers across all touchpoints in their journey that is instilled in trust and honest values. Focusing on these key principles can help brands develop valuable one-to-one customer relationships.

Today’s customer journeys are complex and fragmented across touchpoints. Customers demand a variety of channels to communicate with brands and expect them to be available anytime and anywhere. 59% of customers still prefer to communicate with brands in-person.

At BSPK, we help brands foster great customer relationships and engagement across nonlinear journeys by keeping customers’ experiences connected, meaning that customer preferences are always known across touchpoints.

Check out a free demo from BSPK today.

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