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  BSPK Collective

For brands

Increase your brand's sales and customer base with a sophisticated program driven by stylists and expert advisors.

BSPK Collective is a program to increase your revenue stream and acquire new customers.

BSPK Collective is a network of expert local stylists with an existing client base using our powerful clienteling solution to sell your products.

What's in it for you

By joining the BSPK Collective, you can seamlessly introduce your products to new customers and drive sales like never before. 

Additional revenue stream and sales

Access to new clients

No cost virtual sales team

Increased brand awareness

No integration costs

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How BSPK Collective works

Step 1

Your brand story, products and services are presented to BSPK Expert Advisors.

BSPK Expert Advisors share your products with their clients via BSPK clienteling solution.

Step 2

Clients wants to make a purchase and a payment link is sent to them.

Step 3

Step 4

Purchase details are sent to the brand for fulfillment.

Brand remits payment to BSPK once order has been fulfilled. 

Step 5


How BSPK Expert Advisors Sell

Together, we collaborate on selecting the products or services you want BSPK Expert Advisors to showcase to their clients, syncing them to the BSPK Collective solution.


Expert advisors then present your brand and products to their customers through the BSPK Collective app, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience.

Why BSPK Collective?

Virtual sales team at
no cost to you

Our stylists and expert advisors are hand picked based on their network and clientele. They will be trained and educated on your products and story. 

Earn deeper 
customer insights

BSPK is built to empower people. Learn who your most loyal customers are, their needs and desires, and provide a seamless customer experience.

Earn more sales 
and revenue

Without effort, gain more revenue and increased distribution from customers who are not buying from you today.

Innovative clienteling

Our intuitive solution enables stylists and advisors to create personalized shopping experiences that drive engagement and foster loyalty.

Earn new
loyal customers

We bring you new customers. Our expert team of Expert Advisors sells to discerning customers looking for the best possible curation in order to satisfy a specific need.

Dedicated support 
and training

Our team is here to support you every step of the way, ensuring your success in the BSPK Collective Program. We also have a training program for the stylists and advisors on BSPK and best practices for clienteling 


BSPK Expert Advisors 

BSPK Collective provides a valuable advantage by harnessing the power of a team of dedicated salespeople—our team of stylists and expert advisors. They are incentivized to promote your products effectively through BSPK, earning commissions for their efforts.

​Our team of stylists and expert advisors are:

  • Pre-vetted and Sought-out 

  • Omnichannel sales skills and expertise 

  • Brand evangelists, consultants, and driven entrepreneurs 

  • High-value transactions with affluent and hard-to-reach clientele

Your success is our success.

At BSPK, our mission is to empower both luxury brands and passionate salespeople who thrive on delighting customers and excelling in their profession.


We achieve this by offering commissions to BSPK stylists and expert advisors, removing barriers for brands, and guaranteeing expert curation and unique experiences for clients.


Our goal is to ensure that clients are not only satisfied but also remain loyal to their advisor and the brands they curate.

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Authentic Customer Relationships start with Real Conversations

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