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Welcome to the BSPK training portal. Below you can find some quick assets to help you navigate the BSPK mobile app. 

Please feel free to contact our customer support below or contact our Customer Success team directly. 

Thank you and we are so excited to have you.


Video tutorial



How do I add a new clients from my phone contacts?

Tap the Profile icon in the upper left corner of the Home screen to go to your profile. Then scroll down and select "Add clients from contacts".

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My profile

Add new client

How do I add a new client?

Tap the plus button on your home screen and tap Client Profile. Add the client's name and contact information and save. You can also add clients from your phones contacts through the My Profile screen.

How do I message a client?

Tap Chat at the bottom of the app and then the chat icon in the upper right. If you are in a client profile, you will see that chat icon.

What is a slice and how do I create one?

A slice is a selection of up to 10 images and videos that can be reused and sent to multiple clients. It is created on the slices tab and can be a collage, media feed or video.

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Enrich client profile

How do I enrich a client profile?

Tap the Client icon and swipe to then info tab. You can edit a client's basic information and also tag the client with their interests and preferences.

What are the lists on my Home screen?

Home lists are a way to organize your clients. For example - the Reminders list shows you any client with a Reminder. 

You can create custom lists by tapping the plus icon in the upper right corner and selecting from a number of criteria

What is the ideabook?

The ideabook is where the client can enjoy the selections you message them about. When you send a message with images or slices to your client, they can tap a link that opens these ideas and suggestions in a simple browser page. From there, the client can browse and offer you feedback.

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What is the best way to succeed with BSPK?

The best way to grow your business with BSPK is to capture and engage as many prospects as you can, daily. 

Set a daily goal and stick to it -- you can track your progress in the Contacted Today list on your Home screen. 

Also, enrich your clients' profiles with data. Knowing your customers helps you offer ideas that are welcome. Our data shows that regular client engagement helps sell alot more, build a loyal clientele and get more customer referrals.

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